Spring 2019 Hack Challenge Winners


Cornell AppDev - Best User Interface

We challenge you to build an app that has the best frontend design and implementation. More specifically, we are looking for an app that is not only visually stunning but also emphasizes a good user experience.



Young Kim (TA), Nathan Stack (iOS), Will Tappen (Backend), Beth Mieczkowski (iOS), Yue Sun (Design), Lucy Xu (TA)

Crumble is a cooking app in which the user types in the ingredients they’d like to use in cooking a meal and the app will provide a list of popular recipes that you can make using those ingredients.

Nathan Stack (nts28) - iOS
Beth Mieczkowski (eam356) - iOS
Will Tappen (wmt45) - Backend
Yue Sun (ys896) - Design

Cornell Store - Best Media App

We challenge you to build an app that integrates any form of media (think photos, videos, social media). We are looking for an app that uses media creatively to produce a fun experience for the user.



Kevin Chan (TA), Evan Azari (iOS), Alexander McElroy (Backend), Yuna Shin (TA)

Evan Azari (eaa66) - iOS
Jordan Epstein (jae248) - Backend
Alexander McElroy (amm464) - Backend

InstaAesthetic provides a color analysis of an Instagram user's most recent posts. After logging in, and entering a public Instagram account name, the app provides you the most frequent colors of the six most recent posts. 

Cornell Store - Best Backend Implementation

We challenge you to build an app that features the best backend integration. We are looking for a system that is not only functional and efficient but also robust and scalable. For instance, it could be an app that has the best custom built API!


Stock Alert

Annamalai Annamalai (iOS), Lily Croskey Englert (iOS), Kevin Chen (Backend), Zhengxun Wu (Backend), Joe Fulgieri (TA)

Annamalai Annamalai (aa2588) - iOS
Lily Croskey Englert (lmc327) - iOS
Zhengxun Wu (zw227) - Backend
Kevin Chen (kc725) - Backend

Stock Alert is an mobile assistant that lets you search and track your most important stocks.

Cornell AppDev - Judge’s Choice

We are looking for an app that has interesting features or uses new technology to create an amazing product. Think outside the box, we can’t wait to see what you create!



Kevin Chan (TA), Cindy Huang (Design), Yuxuan Chen (iOS), Haiying Weng (iOS), Leo Liang (Backend), Conner Swenberg (TA)

Haiying Weng (hw534) - iOS
Yuxuan Chen (yc943) - iOS
Cindy Huang (ch832) - Design
Leo Liang (wl353) - Backend

Foodie is an app that allows users to find free food or upload a free food event on Cornell’s campus.

The spring 2019 AppDev Hack Challenge featured 30 teams and 100+ participants. See the other amazing projects here!