Our apps are being used by thousands of people every day, and we're working to make them even better.



Eatery was the first app released by AppDev. With over 6,000 students using it every month, it enables students to browse menus and discover places to eat on Cornell’s campus. It enhances the dining experience at Cornell with features such as providing the crowdedness of eateries, checking meal swipes and dining money balances, and soon-to-be favoriting dishes. Eatery is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Ithaca Transit

Ithaca Transit is a new end-to-end navigation service for built for the TCAT bus service in Ithaca. With over 5,000 users every month, Ithaca Transit uses modern features like live tracking, dynamic updates, and powerful search to help get you where you need to go. Ithaca Transit is available on iOS with an Android version in development.



Uplift is a central hub for all fitness-related resources at Cornell. We created Uplift so that Cornell students could make the most out of their Cornell Fitness Memberships, allowing students to check gym hours and occupancy and explore their favorite classes.



Pollo is a mobile and web app that allows for questions, feedback, and interaction between teachers and students – for free. Create questions in advance or on the fly, and use your past questions’ history for review.



Ceres is an iOS podcast app that seeks to transform the way you listen to, interact with, and share and discover podcast content.


Big Red Shuttle

BRShuttle is an iOS collaboration app between AppDev and Cornell's Big Red Shuttle service. The Big Red Shuttle app allows users to track the Big Red Shuttle on Cornell's campus, with a slick interface and intuitive schedule menu.