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Course Applications

Take our courses for course credit! We welcome any person, any study. You don't have to apply to come to our lectures, but we'll only grade and give course credit to those who enroll. Learn more.

Fall 2018 applications for course enrollment have closed. You can still attend our courses without applying, but to get course credit and feedback on your assignments, please check back in the spring!

Team Applications

Do you have experience developing apps, designing them, or marketing? Are you looking to work with other talented developers, designers, and marketers? Apply now!

Beginning this year, the Project Team advisory committee has delayed freshman application due dates to allow for adequate time for freshmen to get oriented at Cornell.



Freshman Team Application due October 1st. Interviews will take place after this date. Final round decisions will be released on October 15th.

Note: we strongly recommend having past experience in the subteam you are applying to. Otherwise, please sign up to take one of our extremely rewarding courses to gain experience!


Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Grad Students

Team applications have closed for Fall 2018. Please check back in the spring!



Do you have any year or major requirements?

Nope! We welcome students from any year and any study!


Applying to Courses

What do I need in order to take the Intro to Digital Product Design course?

The only requirements are to complete and submit the design pretest and a will to learn about Digital Product Design!


What do I need in order to take the Intro to iOS Development or Intro to Backend Development courses?

You should have taken, or are currently enrolled in, some programming course (such as CS 1110, CS 2110, INFO 1300, INFO 2300, AP Computer Science, etc. or equivalent) or have had experience in the past with object-oriented programming. For Intro to iOS Development, we also require reliable access to macOS and a recent version of Xcode (e.g. Xcode 9 or 10). Whether this is with a personal Mac (preferred), a personal PC with macOS installed, or access to a library.


How do I get course credit? Should I enroll on Student Center?

When you get accepted to a course, we will supply you with a PIN which you need to enroll on Student Center.


Can I attend a course without applying?

Yes! All of our lectures are open to the entire Cornell community; we only require applications for getting course credit. We will also be recording lectures and uploading them to YouTube.


Can I apply for more than one course?

Yes! In fact, you can take more than one course too (that is, if you can fit it in your schedule)!


Applying to the Team

What’s the application process like?

After submitting your application, you’ll hear back from us by September 5th with whether you have been offered an interview. Following your interview, you’ll hear back within 48 hours on whether you’ve been accepted to the team!


What if I do not get accepted?

That’s completely okay! Many members on our team did not get accepted with their first application either. You can always reapply, and we’ll provide helpful, personalized feedback for you along with contacts on the team with whom you can discuss app development. And AppDev is just one of many ways to get involved with app development on campus and one of many project teams at Cornell. We highly encourage you to keep developing and designing, and you're always welcome to ask us anything, any time!



Do I need to have released an app to the App Store?

Not at all! While it certainly wouldn’t hurt, most members who join as iOS developers did not release any apps while applying to the team. However, we do encourage you to have at least one or two demo apps that you’ve made that you can talk about and demo to our interviewers.


What language should I use for my interview?

Although we develop almost exclusively in Swift, we try to ask design-oriented and team-oriented questions that tell us about how you approach problems, rather than programming questions that for your knowledge on specific areas. If you are extended an interview, you can use either Swift or Objective-C.



Do I need to have released an app to the Play store?

Nope! While we would love to see any work that you have published publicly, it is absolutely not a necessity. However, we would like to hear about or see demos of any android projects that you have worked on during the interview stage. 


What language does the Android team develop in?

While we did use Java to create the Eatery application for Android (still in development), we are always open to exploring new options!



What languages does the team use?

We primarily use Python and Javascript, but are open to considering other options!


What is the interview like?

Interviews will assume knowledge of Python and basic database design. For the interview, you’ll be able to use the language of your choice. Don’t worry too much about memorizing complex algorithms, the interview will approximate actual work you’d do on the team!


Any Questions?

If you have any questions not answered here, please email us at, and your question could help others!