Spring 2018 Hack Challenge Winners

Spring 2018 Hack Challenge Winners


Airbnb - Best Frontend Implementation

We challenge you to build an app that has the best frontend design and implementation. More specifically, we are looking for an app that is not only visually stunning but also emphasizes a good user experience.



Imani Chilongani (Backend), Theodore Carrel (Backend), Vivian Li (iOS), Cedric Castillo (Design), Mindy Lou (TA)

Vivian Li (vml39) - iOS
Imani Chilongani (ijc22) - Backend
Theodore Carrel (tjc233) - Backend
Cedric Castillo (cc736) - Design

Roomie is an iOS app that helps you find your roommate based on similar living habits. With the ability to customize your own own profile, browse other users, and filter by requirements, this app makes finding the perfect roommate easier!

Bose - Best Media Related App

We challenge you to build the best app that incorporates some aspect of media, such as social media, news articles, pictures, videos, music, etc. For instance, your app could use APIs from Spotify, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and more!


Music Streamz

Pingdi Huang (iOS / Backend), Tyler Ishikawa (iOS / Backend), Alicia Chen (iOS), Ji Hwan Seung (TA)

Tyler Ishikawa (tyi3) - iOS / Backend
Pingdi Huang (ph394) - iOS / Backend
Alicia Chen (ac2596) - iOS

Music Streamz is an iOS app geared towards your personal music taste by finding the best music streaming app for your playlist while simultaneously recommending songs based off your recent searches.

Google - Best Google API Integration

We challenge you to build an app that best incorporates one of Google’s many APIs. For instance, your app could include a Google Sign In, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and more!



Ophelia Zhang (Design), Meredith Dobrzynski (iOS), Mindy Lou (TA)

Hannah Lee (hl838) - Backend
Ophelia Zhang (oz33) - Design
Meredith Dobrzynski (mmd272) - iOS
Lucy Lu (jl3663) - iOS

SnapFood is an iOS app that allows users to take a picture of any piece of food and get a list of possible ingredients that correspond to that picture. Once the user selects the correct option, the app displays a list of 10 recipes.

Microsoft - Best Backend Integration

We challenge you to build an app that features the best backend integration. We are looking for a system that is not only functional and efficient but also robust and scalable. For instance, it could be an app that has the best custom built API!



Jared Lim (Backend), Ji Hwan Seung (TA), Cindy Pan (iOS)

Jared Lim (jl3248) - Backend
Chelsea Han (sh792) - Design
Raheel Yanful (ray37) - iOS / Backend
Kinan Alsheikh (kta33) - iOS
Cindy Pan (cyp7) - iOS

MyLib is an iOS app that enables users to effectively store and categorize lecture notes / pictures into different collections. This app analyzes the pictures and automatically extracts texts / relevant labels from them.

AppDev - Best Overall Implementation

We challenge you to build an app that is the full package – efficient implementation, sleek design, and amazing user experience.


4-Year Planner

Omar Rasheed (iOS / Backend), Taewoo Kim (Design), Conner Swenberg (iOS / Backend), Austin Astorga (TA)

Omar Rasheed (oyr2) - iOS / Backend
Conner Swenberg (cls364) - iOS / Backend
Zheng Ge (zg242) - Backend
Taewoo Kim (tk477) - Design

4-Year Planner is an iOS app that serves as a simple guide to planning your undergraduate career at Cornell. Users can browse courses, create schedules, and manage their course load for different semesters.


The inaugural AppDev Hack Challenge featured 20 teams and 80+ participants. See the other amazing Spring 2018 projects here!