Fall 2018 Hack Challenge Winners


Apple - Best User Interface

We challenge you to build an app that has the best frontend design and implementation. More specifically, we are looking for an app that is not only visually stunning but also emphasizes a good user experience.



Kevin Chan (TA), Richard Wang (Backend), Yanlam Ko (iOS), Avani Aggrwal (iOS), Cecelia Lu (Design)

GoalKeeper is an app that is designed to help the user track their goals. Set goals for yourself, mark and track your progress.

Richard Wang (rlw324) - Backend
Cecelia Lu (zcl5) - Design
Avani Aggrwal (aa974) - iOS
Yanlam Ko (yk396) - iOS

Facebook - Best Media Related App

We challenge you to build an app that integrates any form of media (think photos, videos, social media). We are looking for an app that uses media creatively to produce a fun experience for the user.



Conner Swenberg (TA), Amanda Yang (Design), Amartya Utkarsh (Backend), Andrew Wang (iOS), Mathew Scullin (iOS), Mindy Lou (TA)

Andrew Wang (ayw24) - iOS
Mathew Scullin (mjs698) - iOS
Amanda Yang (ay288) - Design
Amartya Utkarsh (au87) - Backend

Nooks is an app that centralizes all the information about the best study spots on Cornell's campus.

Google - Best Google API Integration

We challenge you to build an app that best incorporates one of Google’s many APIs. For instance, your app could include a Google Sign In, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and more!



Ji Hwan Seung (TA), Nainika D’Souza (iOS), Fabrice Ulysse (iOS), Alisa Wong (Design), Meredith Dobrzynski (Backend), Megan Le (TA)

Meredith Dobrzynski (mmd272) - Backend
Fabrice Ulysse (fou3) - iOS
Nainika D'Souza (nmd65) - iOS
Alisa Wong (aw695) - Design

Gradiate is an app that allows you take a picture or upload a picture, extracts the 3 most dominant colors using the Google Vision API, and returns a gradient. Furthermore, it allows you to share your gradient(s).

Amazon - Best Backend Implementation

We challenge you to build an app that features the best backend integration. We are looking for a system that is not only functional and efficient but also robust and scalable. For instance, it could be an app that has the best custom built API!



Melissa Avila (iOS), Jaime Luengo Rozas (Backend), Carina Crabbe (iOS), Ji Hwan Seung (TA), Daniel Nosrati (TA)

Melissa Avila (ma796) - iOS
Carina Crabbe (cmc464) - iOS
Jaime Luengo Rozas (jl3752) - Backend

InterviewMe assists students in preparing for upcoming interviews by providing them with access to general interview questions and practice in different categories. Candidates can search for questions by category and respond to questions in a dynamic conversation format.

The fall 2018 AppDev Hack Challenge featured 28 teams and 100+ participants. See the other amazing projects here!