A Guide to the Marketing and Operations Interview

Congratulations! We’re extremely excited to move on in the application process! We’ve put this guide together so you know what to expect during your interview. Interviews will be 30 minutes long, and we’ve attached a signup sheet with your email!

Interviews consist of three different sections: resume review, behavioral review, and case studies & technical questions.

Resume Review

This is your moment to sell yourself! We want to hear about all the amazing things you’ve done that have brought you to your AppDev interview, or all of the things you hope to do in the future. Since the majority of your time on AppDev will be spent marketing, we want to see how you market yourself!


  • Be confident and concise. Again, we’re really looking for candidates who can hold their own with potential corporate sponsors, and who can make a strong pitch.

  • Highlight your leadership skills. Being a MarkOps member gives you a lot of independence and leadership opportunities, we are looking to see how you’ve handled these positions in any past experiences.

  • Don’t stress out if you don’t have a conventional resume, or feel that you are lacking in corporate experience. It’s all about how you sell yourself using what you have. We’re looking for your potential to be a great MarkOps member, not proof that you already are one.

Behavioral Review

This is your chance to tell us a bit more about who you are as a person rather than the positions that you’ve held or the professional experiences you’ve had. Questions usually consist of how you’ve handled conflict in the past, what you would do in an example situation, etc.


  • Be yourself! There’s no one good fit for a MarkOps member, we just want to get an insight to how you approach different situations both as a leader and as part of a larger team.

  • If you can, answer the questions with a quick 2-3 minute anecdote that exemplifies the qualities that you are trying to highlight. This doesn’t have to be Marketing or Tech related.

Case Studies and Technical Questions

This section will make up the bulk of your interview, so if you’re going to prepare for anything, start here! You’ll be given background information about a sample app, and asked to come up with a short-term and long-term marketing strategy for that app. You’ll then answer follow-up questions pertaining to that example, as well as technical questions about Marketing and Operations as a field.


  • Again, there is no one right answer here. We’re really just interested in how you problem-solve.

  • Be confident and creative. The best answers here are those that push the boundaries a bit, and show a candidate’s ability to be innovative while remaining effective.

  • Ask questions! Don’t forget that you’re a part of a team if you join AppDev, so we don’t expect you to have all the answers. Asking thoughtful questions about the sample app is great.