A Guide to the iOS Interview

Congratulations! We’re extremely excited to move on in the application process! We’ve put this guide together so you know what to expect during your interview. Interviews will be 30 minutes long, and we’ve attached a signup sheet with your email!

Interviews consist of three different sections, behavioral, technical, and coding on a laptop. All sections are weighed equally, and at the end of the interview you’ll have some time to ask any questions that you might have for us!


We want to learn more about you as a person and also how you work in a team setting. We may ask you to recall a certain situation from your past experience or describe how you would mediate different conflicts. These anecdotes do not have to be related to Computer Science. We also want to learn more about you as a person, why you are interested in iOS development, and why you want to be apart of AppDev!


  • Please limit the anecdotes to 2-3 minutes each. In order to get through each section in a timely manner we’d like you to keep your stories succinct and to the point.

  • Make sure to talk about how you handled the situation and what you learned. Details aren’t as important as learning how you work in a team environment. Make sure to talk about the situation with a focus how you handled it and what you learned.


In this section we want to get a feel of how you understand iOS at high level, so while there will be no direct coding we will ask you question that relate to iOS concepts and the Swift language.


  • Make sure you understand iOS development at a conceptual level, and not just how to use code to build an app. There are some great resources that teach iOS development on Medium, RayWenderlich, and the Stanford iOS course that you can check out.

  • Make sure you understand Swift at a conceptual level, and not just how to write code that does what you want. Apple provides detailed documentation about the language in the Swift book. We’d highly recommend you to brush up on the unique attributes of the Swift language on there.

Coding on Laptop

For this section, we want to simulate the real environment that you work in as dev, so we can get a feel on how you code and debug. This means no whiteboard – instead you will be coding a small app on Xcode with access to the internet.


  • Ask questions. Make sure you understand what we want you do before starting!

  • Explain your thought process. State to us what you’re doing so we can understand your approach and why you are doing something.

  • Feel free to Google. We want you to feel as comfortable as you would be when developing an app and we certainly don’t expect you to remember every piece of Swift syntax off the top of your head, so please feel free to Google whatever you like!

General Advice:

  • Focus on the approach rather than the solution. We’re more interested in seeing how you approach problems rather than simply whether or not you can solve a given problem.

  • Be yourself! We’ve designed the interview to best simulate the work you’d be doing on the team, in a 30 minute interview. Ask questions if you need clarification, our goal from the interview is to know what it’d be like to work with you!