AppDev Hack Challenge

Whether it’s developing a mobile app, building a robust backend system, or designing a user-friendly product, we strongly believe that the best way to learn something is by doing. That's the foundation on which we've constructed our courses. Our hope is that students will not only learn some practical skills on design / development, but will also leave the course with tangible projects they can showcase on their resume or portfolio.

With 150+ students each semester, this is where the semesterly AppDev Hack Challenge comes in! The AppDev Hack Challenge will involve students across all our courses (iOS, backend, and design). Each group of 3-4 students will work together to create a functional, polished app to showcase at the end of the semester. 

Participating in the AppDev Hack Challenge will be the required final project for iOS / backend students and is optional (but highly encouraged) for design students. As an added incentive, we have sponsored challenges with prizes (i.e. speakers, Google Home)! In addition, all participants will have their resume sent to our corporate sponsors, including Airbnb, Bose, Google, Microsoft, etc.