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Take our courses for course credit! We welcome students of any year and any major. You don't have to apply to come to our lectures, but we'll only grade and give course credit to those who enroll. Learn more.

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Applications for Fall 2019 are now closed.

Intro to iOS Development Application

Intro to Backend Development Application

Intro to Digital Product Design Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get course credit? Should I enroll on Student Center?

When you get accepted to a course, we will supply you with a PIN which you need to enroll on Student Center.

What do I need in order to take the Intro to Digital Product Design course?

The only requirements are to complete and submit the design pretest, and a passion for learning about Digital Product Design!

Can I attend a course without applying?

Yes! All of our lectures are open to the entire Cornell community; we only require applications for getting course credit. We also record lectures and upload them to YouTube. 

Can I apply for more than one course?

Yes! Students in the past have taken two or even three of our courses simultaneously.

What do I need in order to take the Intro to iOS Development or Intro to Backend Development courses?

You should have taken, or are currently enrolled in, some programming course (such as CS 1110, CS 2110, INFO 1300, INFO 2300, AP Computer Science, etc. or equivalent) or have had experience in the past with object-oriented programming. For Intro to iOS Development, we also require reliable access to macOS and a recent version of Xcode (e.g. Xcode 9 or 10). Whether this is with a personal Mac (preferred), a personal PC with macOS installed, or access to a library.