A new breed of project team

Join a team of the best designers and developers on campus.

Expand your network

Learn to effectively work in a diverse team with a wide range of skillsets and perspectives. Our members come from many corners of campus, and we actively look to recruit creative people who think differently.

Build your portfolio

When you join our team, you're guaranteed to work on fully-featured, polished apps that you can add to your portfolio. Additionally, the apps you help create will be published to the App Store.

For designers

Design pixel perfect graphics and intuitive user experiences for high-utility apps.


Learn to maximize your efficiency using industry standard design tools.


See your work come to life with an entire team of developers implementing your hard-thought designs.

For developers

All our code is open-sourced on Github so you can show off your work to the world.


Work with a great team and learn advanced development techniques.


Turn your prototypes into visually stunning apps with an entire design team behind you.

Core Team Requirements

You must be enrolled as a student at Cornell University.

Applying developers should have experience with iOS development, Android development, web development, or DevOps. If you have experience with more than one of those listed, that's bonus points.

Applying designers should have experience in a design software like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or the like. You will be asked for a portfolio of previous design experiences / endeavors.